Power Sports - Installation, Training, and Increased Profits

F&I is often run much more efficiently in an auto dealership than in a power sports dealership. They invented the game, and it's not uncommon for an auto shop to average as much, if not more, profitability on the back end of a deal. This no longer needs to be the case.

We have products to offer our clients that equal and surpass the singular options being pushed down from their OEM's. We bring in selling strategies, training sessions, and in-store support. We raise penetration levels, help to increase sales, and ultimately make the dealership more profitable.

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    • We have put a special focus on Harley-Davidson stores
    • Our products have been approved by Harley-Davidson Financial Services
    • Our terms and coverages are equal to the "Harley sponsored" plans
      • We surpass coverage when it comes to touring packages and performance upgrades
    • We offer in-store F&I sales training, plus support
    • You're selling the plans to your customers, and you should be participating on the back end
      • Retros and reinsurance
    • Marketing materials and sales tools designed specifically for your stores

Motorcycles (On-Road and Off-Road), Mopeds, and Scooters -(Metric Stores)

    • A full line of products that cover all the manufactures in your store
      • The simplicity of one line of coverage
    • Service contracts, GAP, tire and wheel, etc.
    • Installation, training, support
    • Participation structures, including retros and reinsurance

Chopper and Custom V-Twin Motorcycles

All-Terrain Vechicles (ATVs and UTVs)


Personal Watercraft and Sport Boats